Trump Packs Up for 2-Week Golf Vacation After Mass Shootings

It’s apparently tough work attempting to be the “consoler in chief” following a tragic event. And, in President Trump’s case, it also warrants a good ol’ golf vacation.

SFGate via AP

Today, he’s set to leave for his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey for his annual, 2-week August break.

Attention Required

With the country still reeling from recent domestic terror attacks, there are several issues that demand Trump’s attention.

Democratic lawmakers and a large portion of the population are calling for gun reform. There’s still a trade war with China that’s continuing to escalate and intensify. And, to make matters worse, there are North Korean missile tests, too.

And he’s got his 2020 reelection bid to worry about as well.

More Time for Twitter

Despite mounting tensions, Daily Mail says Trump’s friends say he’s feeling quite “smug.”

His team is also concerned that the vacation will free up more time for him to tweet with no abandon.

Trump’s inability to truly unite the country in a time of need is under serious fire. However, even with mounting tensions and pressure from multiple angles, Trump’s confidence is unwavering.

According to aides, while on vacation, he will be focusing his attention towards cable news, golfing, and – of course – twitter.