Jeffrey Epstein Dead, Congress Wants Answers


Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of trafficking minors, was found unresponsive inside of his Manhatten jail cell around 6:30 am at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. The initial call for help was for cardiac arrest, and staff initiated life-saving procedures.

He was then transported to a Manhattan Hospital and was dead on arrival. His death is currently being investigated by the FBI, though multiple reports are claiming that he hanged himself.

epstein mugshot child pornography

After news of his death starting circulating, people are wanting answers about how Epstein died in federal custody and may seek a Judiciary investigation.

Epstein’s Arrest and Conviction

Feds found a stash of photos that included girls and children locked in a safe when they raided convicted Jeffrey Epstein’s $77 million dollar mansion back in July.

About 20 FBI agents and 5-10 NYPD officers broke through the doors to Epstein’s home to execute a search warrant.

Locked Safe of Images Found “in Plain Sight”

Authorities cracked into a free-standing safe “in plain sight” in a room on the third floor. Inside they found photos, along with CDs with handwritten labels with titles such as ‘Young [Name],’ ‘Misc 1,’ and ‘Girl pics.’

All in all, the raid turned up thousands of photos of girls that were kept by Epstein. Other items discovered during the raid include notes, messages, and call records that confirm Epstein was still repeatedly in contact with victims during the charged period.

Epstein Was Facing 45 Years in Prison

Epstein was facing charges for trafficking and conspiracy for allegedly luring girls as young as 14 to his Manhattan home and his estate in Palm Beach, FL. If convicted, he was facing 45 years in prison.