‘Obama St’ in Front of Trump Tower – People are Signing Petition to Make it Happen

An online petition that began as a joke has already attracted nearly 100,000 supporters – and that number is growing.


The apparent goal is to have a portion of New York’s Fifth Avenue renamed in honor of former president Barack Obama. Of course, it’s not just any portion of the street that they’re petitioning the city to rename. It’s a very specific block in Manhattan that the MoveOn.org petition seeks to have renamed.

The petitioners are requesting that the city apply the name to the stretch outside Trump Tower.

Honoring a Former President

It is not uncommon for cities to honor leaders and past presidents by naming streets after them. As the petition points out, Los Angeles has already honored Obama with a portion of the 134 Freeway.

“We request the New York City Mayor and City Council do the same,” it reads.

The petition then goes on to list notable accomplishments made by the former two-term president.

Initially a Joke

Elizabeth Rowin, the 56-year-old responsible for organizing the petition, told Newsweek: “I honestly started it as a joke.” She’d heard a comedian remark how such a move would anger Donald Trump, so she “thought why not.”

However, once the petition started to gain traction, Rowin made a decision to reach out to NYC officials.

After contacting the New York City Council, several members responded that they were genuinely interested in the idea.

Trump Tower’s Potential Future Address

Should the petition actually be successful, Manhattan’s Trump Tower would end up with a new address.

Instead of simply being on Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower would be located at 725 President Barack H. Obama Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

Hurdles to Overcome

Newsweek, however, claims that there is one condition that the petition does not meet. In order to co-name a street, the honoree needs to be deceased for a minimum of two years.

Rowin thinks those “conditions can be changed” though. She notes that Los Angeles already has two streets named after Obama.

She also added: “These laws are arbitrary and can be worked around.”

Several supporters of the petition say the action would be “poetic justice.”