Miley Cyrus’s rep announced this past weekend that she and husband of less than a year Liam Hemsworth have split up. The couple has been on-and-off since 2009 when they met on the set of The Last Song, but only married in December of 2018.

Shutterstock Trump gives Miley dating advice feat

The internet has been offering them both advice since the announcement of the split, sending words of encouragement to each of the stars. But one clever user unearthed a Tweet from Donald Trump when he apparently supported Cyrus during the couples first split in 2013.

Yes, we live in an age where the President of the United States is sharing dating advice with 21-year-old celebrity girls.

 The Actual Tweet

On September 20th of 2013 Trump tweeted to Miley that she should “remain strong”, and that she could do a lot better than Liam Hemsworth. He also reassured her that she had “plenty of time”.

There’s nothing better at 21 than hearing from a 67-year-old with two failed marriages that you have plenty of time left to find another partner!

Comments on the Tweet range from people responding in 2013 when he first shared it, 2017 when the couple reunited to be engaged, and from now when they are just realizing that the President himself was once very invested in this couple.

Miley Agrees, Though

Miley Cyrus was spotted snogging Brody Jenner’s ex-wife and MTV reality star Kaitlynn Carter just hours after her rep announced the couple split, raising a lot of questions on Miley’s loyalty to Hemsworth and her dedication to their marriage.

The two couples apparently spent a lot of time together previously, though sources close to Cyrus swear that nothing happened before the split and it is ‘very new’ with Carter.

Hemsworth, who has stayed out of public eye since the split, released his own statement days afterward, sharing a photograph of a sunset over the ocean on Instagram and with the caption explaining that the couple separated “recently” and that he wished Miley “nothing but happiness”.

No Fan of Trump’s

Cyrus has made it no secret she isn’t the biggest fan of the President. In an interview last year, she shared that she didn’t believe in karma, because otherwise “Donald Trump wouldn’t be president.” She suggested that he did a lot of “shady” deals, and his money is what got him where he is now.

The President must be crushed to hear that, as he is clearly a big fan.