Trump Calls a Protester Fat, Tells Him to Go Home

While at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, President Donald Trump made fun of a protester’s weight in a heavy way.

Trump tells fat protestor to go home

Protester Interrupts New Hampshire Rally

It was about halfway into Trump’s campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday, when a protester sitting high up in the stadium interrupted the president’s speech, attracting his attention. As security personnel escorted the protester out of the arena, the rest of the rally attendees booed and started chanting “USA!”

The interruption came after Trump was criticizing Democrats for describing political opponents as “fascists and Nazis.”

President Mocks Protester for Being Overweight

But President Trump, while watching the protester get escorted out, made comments about the protester being overweight, saying, “That guy has got a serious weight problem,” and mockingly told him to “go home, start exercising.”

He also went a little further with his fat-shaming, claiming that the protester “gotta bigger problem than I do. Got a bigger problem than all of us,” apparently implying that the protester is more overweight than he is.

Once the president was done fat-shaming the protester and mockingly telling him to get some exercise, Trump went back to his remarks, proclaiming to his supporters that he created a political movement that is “built on love.”

Trump Ridiculed Reporter for Being Disabled in 2015

Trump is known to slam protesters and mocks plenty of people during his rallies, although this is the first time he has commented on their weight.

Perhaps the most well-known, Trump ridiculed a New York Times investigative reporter, Serge Kovaleski, at a South Carolina rally in November of 2015. Kovaleski has arthrogryposis, which is a disease that limits the function of his joints. Video from the rally clearly shows Trump jerking his arms and mocking the reporter.

Trump Mocks Sen. Warren With Racial Slur

But this time around President Trump didn’t save his offensive comments for just his rally attendees. The president ridiculed Senator Elizabeth Warren by reviving his old attack strategy on the Democratic presidential candidate, calling her ‘Pocahontas.’

In the past, he has used this racial slur to mock Warren for claiming Native American heritage and taking a DNA test to prove her claims. Trump’s nickname for Sen. Warren, and going after her on her claims of heritage, has been widely panned as racist.