Trump was NOT happy when he saw Fox News’ recent polls that reported he could lose the presidency in 2020.

Daily Mail via AP

After the president’s often favored news outlet aired polls that showed Trump losing, he slammed the entire network.

“I don’t know what’s happening with Fox,” he said, before dismissing the poll results, saying he doesn’t “believe” them.

Poor Polling for Trump

On Thursday, Fox News released their poll which showed Trump losing to all four of the top Democratic primary candidates. The poll showed Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden all beating the president in head-to-head match-ups. In every case, Trump lost by a large margin, too.

In them, Trump polled around 38-39%, whereas the four Democratic hopefuls polled between 45-50%, with Biden at the top.

Among Republicans, Trump polls fairly well – receiving a net positive score of +71. However, overall, he had a net negative of 14 points.

Cause for Concern

Daron Shaw, a Republican pollster who assisted in conducting the poll, suggested the White House should be concerned. He cited, “the president’s inability to capitalize on the strong economy,” as being worrisome.

On Sunday, Trump also attacked Juan Williams, a political analyst for the network, calling him “pathetic” among other things.

Overall, we expect to see more of Trump promoting the One America News Network over Fox if this trend continues.

Trump has recently tweeted several things that seem to indicate his love for Fox could be fading. Additionally, he has mentioned OANN at least 13 times since March, as they appear to provide even more favorable coverage of his presidency.

Disapproval Ratings

Another poll also presented by Fox News showed Trump’s dismal disapproval ratings hitting a near-record high. As of Wednesday, they had spiked to 56%, according to Fox.

“My worst polls have been coming from Fox,” Trump said over the weekend. “There’s something going on with Fox, and I don’t like it.”

Fox’s Political Views

While the numbers may upset Trump, there’s no reason to doubt either of the Fox polls. Notably, with the president seemingly implying there’s some sort of conspiracy going on, it suggests that he doesn’t truly believe the network is capable of being politically neutral.

However, while many Fox anchors may be overtly partisan, not all of their reporting is. Fox’s polling operation is surprisingly well-respected; they utilize the best practices and publish the actual results they discover. In other words, they are sometimes capable of factual reporting – even though it may not flatter the president.

This is, of course, despite Trump’s presumption that right-leaning news sources should always bend over backward to glorify his presidency.

Will Trump Join the Debates?

When Trump was asked on Sunday about participating in general election debates, he said he’s “the one calling the shots.” He did not, however, indicate whether or not he’d participate in the primaries.