Woman Falls 80 Feet After Attempting Extreme Yoga Pose Over Balcony

While attempting an extreme yoga pose off of her sixth-floor balcony this week, one Mexican college student slipped from her perch before tumbling 80 feet to the driveway below.

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Miraculously she survived, though she is still in critical condition at a local hospital. Reports indicate she broke or fractured upwards of half the bones in her body with the fall, and may never walk again.

The Pose

Alexa Terrazas, 23, was photographed just moments before her fall this week. The pictures show the girl hanging upside down, her full weight resting on her thighs at the edge of the railing.

The accident took place at approximately 1:10 pm local time.

It’s unclear whether it was wind or something else that caused Terrazas to slip, but she did. Her hands are resting on her hips in the photograph, not touching the railing at all, so she would never have had a chance to catch herself when she fell.

The Injuries She Sustained

Paramedics from the Red Cross and the Nuevo Leon Civil Protection were on the scene almost immediately, and Terrazas was rushed to a local hospital where she spent over 11 hours in surgery.

Local media report that the college student either broke or fractured over 100 bones in her body, including fracturing her skull and her hips. Doctors estimate that it could take years for Terrazas to re-learn how to walk after healing, if she can at all.

Family members took to social media during her surgery begging friends and loved ones to come forward and donate blood, as the surgery was so intense they were running low.

Not The First Time, Apparently

According to Terrazas’s neighbors, this isn’t the first time they have seen the girl doing something questionably safe on her balcony.

Several other times neighbors have reported seeing her hanging from her railing, doing dramatic poses near the edge, and generally treating the ledge as if it were no concern to her.

Local police launched an investigation after she fell, fearing that there was damage to the balcony that caused her to plummet 80 feet, but there was nothing wrong with the railing or the posts holding it into place.

It seems to be just a tragic accident, from a college student who thought she was invincible.