Popeyes Forced to Remove Chicken Sandwiches from Menus

If you wanted a chicken sandwich from Popeyes today, you’re out of luck. The Cajun chicken chain that has seen lines out the door for the past week weeks has announced on Twitter today that they are discontinuing their now-famous chicken sandwich.

Popeyes chicken sandwich removed from menu feat

At least, for now. While they promise to add it to the menu in a more permanent fashion soon, there’s no timeline given. It could be months until we get our hands on that crispy, juicy sandwich.

The Sandwich Sold Much Better Than Anticipated

While sharing the sad news, Popeyes shared that they expected a significant demand for the sandwich, and though they had prepared appropriately – their supplies should have lasted through the end of September.

Instead, just two weeks after its release on August 12th, they are already out of supplies. They cited “extraordinary demand”, and they aren’t kidding.

In the video they shared on Twitter, along with the news, it shows news footage and customer video of lines out the door, with cars going around city blocks waiting in line to try the sandwich.

Popeyes pinky-promised (seriously) that they would bring it back, but gave no date or time we can expect it. All locations are expected to completely sell out within the week, and no new supplies are bring brought in as of now.

It seems they need to secure a new or more permanent supplier, which is a bummer for everyone who didn’t get a taste.

What Makes This Sandwich Special?

In the past two weeks, Popeyes sandwich has been trending everywhere. YouTubers are filming themselves eating this crispy treat, Twitter blew up over how good it was, and some enterprising folks were selling individual sandwiches for upwards of $7k on eBay.

The sandwich itself comes in at $3.99 at all Popeye’s locations, in case you were unsure.

The sandwich is very basic, and some suspect that is what makes it perfect. It starts with a brioche bun, which has a high butter and egg content that makes it soft, fluffy, and tender.

The bottom bun gets a slathering of mayonnaise, and a few sour pickles, a very standard start to a fast-food chicken sandwich – KFC uses the same formula, and Chick-fil-a skips the mayo but stays with the pickles for their sandwich.

The chicken itself is the real secret, with the extra-crispy Cajun coating that makes Popeye’s chicken such a signature item. It’s crispy, light, and flavorful.

Until Popeyes return to the chicken sandwich arena, Chick-fil-a, KFC, and Shake Shack all have chicken sandwiches on their menu that could be a good replacement.

If you never got your chance for chicken greatness, or you’re still craving that buttery, crispy bite, Popeyes promises that the first to know about the return will be those who have the Popeyes app with push notifications enabled. We can only imagine the stampede that will follow.