“Thumb boy” has become an internet phenomenon after posting videos and pictures of his gigantic thumb. His extra digit measures approximately 5 inches, and he says that he has never lost a thumb war.

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That’s one upside of this genetic anomaly.

The Viral Thumb

Jacob Pina first posted his giant thumb on Tik Tok this weekend and has since been “preferred” over 2 million times. Tik Tok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company, and has recently gained popularity after Vine and Music.ly both closed.

The “catch” of Tik Tok is user created short videos, and the platform is most popular with teens who want to share themselves completing viral challenges, singing (Most often lip singing), or like this case, oddities in their lives.

Pina is a 20-year-old student from Westport, Massachusetts. He had since shared numerous photographs of his thumb in various poses, or videos of him bending and moving it. There’s no question – this is very much Pina’s actual finger.

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Caters News Agency

No Shame

The internet has had a very mixed reaction to his reveal, with some calling it “terrifying”. One Instagram user posted “Why does it move like that?!” in reaction to his video.

Pina, however, feels no shame about his extra-long addition. He loves when people notice and compare their own thumb to his hand. “I feel great about it,” He admitted.

“It’s always great to be different and embrace your own essence.”

A very healthy attitude from such a young student!

It Could Be Worse

There are worse genetic oddities that Pina could have experienced. In 2012 Abby and Brittany Hensel stared in the TCL show Abby & Brittany, where the camera followed then-22-year-old twins who were graduating college, finding a job, and traveling across Europe.

What made these twins interesting is that they were severely conjoined. While they had two separate heads, brains, and thoughts, they shared 2 arms, only 1 liver, and 1 set of reproductive organs.

Other Freak Phenomena

This week, reality star Theo Campbell, 28, shared his own case of strange happenings. Instead of being born this way, though, Theo had an incident that is sure to bring nightmares to anyone who loves champagne or hates touching their eye.

Campbell was in Ibiza when someone carelessly opened a bottle of champagne near his face. The cork flew into his right eye and literally split it in two. Since then, this star has had two surgeries and 7 stitches. Doctors still aren’t sure if he will get to keep his eye, but he has unquestionably lost sight completely on that side.