Kanye West Goes Country, Buys a Ranch in “Rodeo Capital of the World’

In a surprising move, Kanye West has purchased a massive $14 million ranch out in Wyoming. The ranch, called Monster Lake Ranch, is a few miles outside of Cody, Wyoming.

For those who aren’t in the know, Cody, Wyoming is known as the “Rodeo Capital of the World.” So, yeah, in classic Kanye fashion, this is weird and crazy and we’re here for it.

Kanye Country

The Property

The Monster Lake Ranch property is known for its monster trout fishing, numerous living spaces, restaurant and meeting facilities. It could easily be made into a resort or getaway. While valued at $14 million, it sounds like Kanye didn’t pay full price for the real estate, though the actual number is unknown.

Monster Lake Ranch is around 9,000 acres, roughly 4,500 of which Kanye West now owns. The remaining half of the property is on lease from the federal government. The massive, picturesque ranch seems like the perfect place to go to work on the album you’re trying to finish up.

Speaking of Albums…

We know that Kanye’s next album is scheduled to drop on September 27th. While the album’s name and track listing are both unknown, we do know a little bit about it. It’s stated to have a heavily religious theme, as indicated by Kanye’s new proclivity for “Sunday Service” events on his properties. Now, it seems, those Sunday Services will be taking place out near the horse barns on his ranch.

It’s also been reported that Pusha T has been spending a lot of time at the new ranch with Kanye as the album goes into its finishing stretch. For those who might not remember, Pusha T was there during the recording and mixing on the album Ye, so his creative flair could likely come into play on the new album.

In the meantime, we know that Kanye and his crew have been enjoying themselves on the new property. The Team Kanye Daily Twitter posted a video of the gang out on the new property in ATVs, surveying the area and getting a feel for their new digs.