Trump Dumping Pence? Yes, if Ivanka and Kushner Get Their Way

Could Pence be out the door? That’s the current rumor cycling around the White House after Trump has repeatedly asked aides what they “think” of the Vice President.

While Mike Pence has shown nothing but support for his leader, Trump has often wavered with his opinion of Pence.

Shutterstock Trump dumping Pence feat

Now, it appears Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are pushing for Trump to replace Pence, potentially with a woman, to improve his image and give him a better chance in the 2020 election cycle.

How Trump Feels About Pence

According to White House insiders, there is tension between the President and Vice President as it grows closer to election time. There is a “perception” inside the administration that Pence’s people are “difficult” to work with, which frustrates Ivanka and Kushner.

The couple, married since 2009 with three children, have been very active in the West Wing since Ivanka’s father was elected in 2016. Ivanka herself is currently in South America on a trip to talk about women’s empowerment and The Academy of Women Entrepreneurs.

Trump discussed the possibility of replacing Pence with advisors after losses in the 2018 mid-terms and apparently had in-depth discussions about the VP in August on vacation.

Trump Has Never Liked Pence

When Trump first announced that Pence would be his running mate, people were surprised. If anything, Pence is even more right-leaning than Trump is, a Christian man with intense values that manifest in surprising ways – like his unwillingness to be alone in a room with a woman that is not his wife.

There was a rumor just before elections that Trump made an emergency phone call to his campaign advisors asking if they “were sure” that Pence was the right choice. It seems that Trump has never moved past that mental space, despite having worked with Pence for years now.

Who Would Replace Pence?

It’s unclear who would replace Pence if the Trump administration decides to dump their current VP for a new candidate.

Sources close to Pence suggest that if all goes well, he is setting himself up to run in the 2024 election cycle as the Republican nominee. If he is canned before the 2020 elections, however, that would make it a lot more difficult for him.

Despite White House officials calling this rumor false, and Trump himself publicly saying that Pence is doing well as VP, the idea persists. And when former UN ambassador Nikki Haley tweeted out of the blue last month that she was done with “false rumors” and Pence had her “complete support”, people started actually paying attention.

If people weren’t paying attention to the idea Pence could get the boot before Haley tweeted that, they certainly are now!