Could You Survive the 30-Hr Coffin Challenge?


The 30-hour Coffin Challenge returns this year to Six Flags Great Adventure as part of this year’s Fright Fest. Fright Fest, Six Flags’ Halloween celebration, is a high-adrenaline event that Halloween lovers from all over trek to the park to experience.

The main event for six (un)lucky contestants this year will be the revamped Coffin Challenge.

Coffin Challenge

The Coffin Challenge

The Coffin Challenge itself is downright bone-chilling. Contestants have to lie in a two-foot by seven-foot coffin with only a small, mesh hole for air. The event begins with a “laying to rest” ceremony where each contestant is laid in their not-so-final resting place.

Contestants will have to stay in the coffins for thirty hours, though they’ll be given thirteen-minute breaks every three hours to use the restroom and make phone calls.

Strange Visitors

Contestants will receive visits from some of the Fright Fest’s freakiest monsters throughout their harrowing thirty-hour challenge. They’ll have to endure several live critters, too, from creepy-crawly bugs to skunks to snakes. It’s one thing to lie like the dead: it’s another to be accosted by monsters and wild animals while lying in your grave!

A Test of Endurance

Contestants who leave their coffins outside of the thirteen-minute breaks will be instantly disqualified. They’ll have to take all of their meals while lying in the coffins, too, which will certainly be a challenge in and of itself. There will even be surprise trivia sprung on the contestants, who will then compete for high scores.

Beyond that, it sounds like the Fright Fest monsters won’t even let contestants sleep: the crew will play several songs on repeat throughout the night to keep the contestants awake. That might be the worst part!

Frighteningly Good Prizes

So, what does one win for surviving the ordeal and receiving the most points on the various challenges? The Grand Prize winner will get $600, as well as two Six Flags Gold Passes and two Fright Fest Haunted Maze Passes! That’s not a bad payout for lying around like you’re dead.

The other contestants don’t go home empty-handed, though. Even the runners-up will get prizes like season passes for Six Flags or day passes for the Fright Fest, depending on how they stacked up! So, could you handle the challenge?