‘School Shooting Hoodies’ Designer Being Blasted, How Was This a Good Idea?

What was this designer thinking?! Some things should be so off-limits that you don’t have to think twice about them. One clothing designer, however, seems to have missed that memo.

Mixed in with spring 2020 designer looks are four hoodies that have absolutely crossed that line.

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Instagram | Bstroy.us

The Sweatshirts – Why?!

The brand is Bstroy, and they describe themselves as a “Neo-Native Menswear Designhouse”. We’re not sure what that means, either. But their fashion has gotten praise from The New York Times in the past for “high-concept” pieces mixed with more accessible clothing.

Their jeans regularly sell for around $1,000, with a t-shirt going for as much as $150.

Within their collection, which was released on Instagram to give fans an idea of their upcoming designs, were four hoodies with the school names of those who suffered from major violence in the past, including Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Virginia Tech.

These sweatshirts were not simply just the logo, but had numerous holes throughout them, all uniform in shape and round. You don’t have to think too hard to figure out what the designer was going for, with these.

The backlash has been intense – the brand’s Instagram account filled with anger from those who feel that instead of making a statement, Bstroy is monetizing tragedy. In an attempt to be ‘edgy’ and relevant, they have clearly made a misstep.

The brand has yet to apologize or comment further on the controversy.

Where Are Students Actually Getting Their Fashion Advice From?

Instagram, where these photos were shared, used to the social media superpower that brought influencers thousands of dollars in promotional deals, and the spot to get your fashion and beauty advice. But recent studies have shown an all-time low in engagement scores for users, suggesting that we are finally getting tired of photoshopped faces and fake vacations.

So, what is Gen Z turning to? Apparently, TikTok.

The app covers 150 countries and boasts an impressive 500 million users. The current trend is the E-Girl, with bright makeup, sharp eyeliner, and tiny hearts under their eyes. But no one is forcing these girls to style this way to gain followers – it’s simply something that has grown organically from the site.

Users of the site say that it is both more supportive and more interactive than Instagram, which appeals to Gen Z. Major creators help smaller users grow their userbase, and they are all very concerned with everyone’s success.

It’s a sign of hope for Gen Z and the future of social media platforms as a whole.

Other Questionable School Trends

Backpacks made of a flexible ballistic fiber material have seen a huge jump in sales – about 300% at the start of this school year. Some packs are fully made from this material, which is made to stop high-velocity impacts, while others offer ‘inserts’ you can slide within an existing pack to protect school children.

Despite their popularity, these packs are only designed to protect against a small-caliber weapon. The weapons on the news today designed for so much destruction and violence would not be stopped, even with the insert.