Will Smith Makes ‘Fresh Prince’ Fans Scream for Joy

Publicist via Complex

Will Smith just made a huge announcement that is sure to leave his most loyal fans absolutely thrilled. This 51-year-old actor and musician knows what his biggest fans want the most, and he is finally delivering it to us.

Yes, Will Smith is bringing us back to Bel-Air.

Publicist via Complex Will Smith new athletics collection feat
Publicist via Complex

A Will Smith Clothing Line

23 years after the last episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has aired, Will Smith is taking us back to his roots. He has announced that he will release a unisex collection inspired by the show this month, available through his official website.

Smith went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to give her viewers a behind the scenes look at the exclusive collection. He says that the pieces are all heavily inspired by the private school uniform that was shown on the show. Both he and his cousin Carlton attended the school.

The collection is unisex, and he is calling it ‘Bel-Air Athletics’. It consists of 26 pieces of clothing, ranging from navy blue ‘Court Socks’ with Bel-Air Athletics, a UV-reactive t-shirt collection that will change colors when exposed to sunlight, matching tracksuit pieces, and even a phone ring.

Almost all the pieces have the logo of Bel-Air Athletics branded somewhere on the piece. Our favorite item?

A Will Smith air freshener for your car, with him holding a basketball and looking like he is about to dunk. Whose car doesn’t need this?

Jaden Paid Tribute to Will

Recently, Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, helped celebrate his father’s 51st birthday in a very unique way.

Jaden was in Philadelphia that night providing support for Tyler the Creator’s tour and mid-set stopped to sing happy birthday to his father with the crowd.

After, he broke out another classic – the theme song from Fresh Prince. A big screen behind him showed the classic intro as he sang along to the first song to really make Will Smith a household name. The crowd went crazy, and footage from that night shows everyone was singing along.

Where Can I Buy It?!

Desperate to relive the Fresh Prince glory days of the 1990s? You’re not alone!

This collection is not available in stores. You can only pick up these pieces on Will Smith’s official store page on his website (who knew he sold enough to have a store?), and they’re only available until the middle of this month.

After October 14, the collection will go down and you’ll never again be able to buy a jacket with paisley lining or a gym bag with the Bel-Air Athletics logo.