Taylor Swift Melts Down… Over a Banana

An emotional breaking point was reached by Taylor Swift, and her loving mother was there to record the entire incident.

On a recent episode of Jimmy Fallon Tonight, Fallon had Swift as his guest and gave her a gentle ribbing over an as-yet-unseen incident that occurred to the singer post-surgery.

Taylor Swift Banana

Anyone who has been in recovery after surgery knows just how it feels to be loopy and out of your own head. It just so happens that, in Taylor Swift’s case, her surgical recovery got shared on Jimmy Fallon to millions of people.

Taylor Swift Goes Bananas after Surgery

In the video, Swift, who has clearly just had laser eye surgery, is walking into the kitchen while being filmed by her mom. She groggily picks up a bunch of bananas and weakly pulls one off before realizing “that’s not the one I wanted!”

She begins to cry before her mom helps her find the correct banana. Then, Swift notices the original one she pulled from the bunch “doesn’t have a head,” as she broke the stem off when trying to acquire her snack. “That’s okay,” her mom tells her, “I’ll eat it. Just don’t cry!”

The sweet and funny video continues as Andrea films her daughter laying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, trying to eat the banana. “Don’t fall asleep!” her mom implores, to which Swift replies “I’m not sleeping! My eyes are closed by my mind’s alive…”

Taylor Swift’s Reaction to the Video

The adorable and embarrassing video being shared on national television clearly surprised the singer, who looked on at Fallon in disbelief. “I’m sorry,” a mischievous Fallon insists, “I just made a few calls and your mom sent that over.”

“I can’t even be mad,” she told Jimmy Fallon. “I’m just impressed that you infiltrated my family. I don’t even know how you did that. Nobody has my mom’s number.” At other points during her appearance on the show, Swift confides in Fallon that she’s not great at holding her liquor, either.

She describes herself as going “from zero to legitimately thinking I’m a wizard in two drinks.”