Lindsey Graham Insults Trump with Obama Burn

Graham used Obama to insult Trump this week after the announcement that the US would pull troops from Syria, leaving an opening in which Turkey could invade.

As a vocal supporter of Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham seems to have finally had enough of the Trump administration’s foreign policy regarding Syria.

Shutterstock Lindsey Graham insults Trump with Obama burn feat

“[Pulling out of Syria] Will be a stain on America’s honor for abandoning the Kurds.” He shared yesterday afternoon.

Trump Backtracks Hard on Previous Promises of Protecting the Kurds

In June, President Trump enthusiastically pledged to defend the Kurds from a potential Turkish invasion in northern Syria, the center where much of the fighting against ISIS has occurred. Trump claimed to have called the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan and asked him to not invade Syria.

Now, it appears that Trump is heavily backtracking on this promise. Part of the “deal” that the US set up with the Kurds is that US military forces would back them, protecting them from invasions from countries just like Turkey. And in exchange, they would help the US fight against ISIS and radical Islamic groups.

That deal seems to be long-forgotten.

Why is Lindsey Graham So Mad About This?

Over the past several years, Graham has set himself up as being a large supporter and defender of the President. Despite calling Trump a “nutjob” and “bigot” during his campaign (no, Mr. Graham, no one has forgotten about that), Graham warmed up to the new president.

The two are now golfing buddies that seem on good terms, and Trump was happy to have such a tenured friend in the Senate. This also gave Lindsey Graham the ability to talk to Trump, influence his decisions, and hopefully do the country good. He admitted as such in a public interview.

According to a release from the White House, we know that Erdogan plans to invade Syria. This news came after a phone call between the two leaders. Despite this, President Trump has signed off on removing the US forces from the country, effectively allowing Turkey to invade now that the Kurds have upheld their end of the deal.

The Middle East correspondent Trey Yingst from Fox News said it best. “This means that Turkey plans to annex parts of a sovereign country, Syria, with the support of President Trump.”

Lindsey Graham Slams Trump, Compares to Obama

Graham is not happy about this decision. He went on Fox News to express his deep concerns about what pulling out of Syria would mean for the US and the Kurds, and did not mince words when talking about it.

His twitter is also filled with tweets from the past 24 hours, including two particularly intense ones that compare President Trump and his decisions to choices made by President Obama.

“No matter what President Trump is saying about his decision, it is EXACTLY what President Obama did in Iraq with even more disastrous consequences for our national security.” He shared just before 1 pm yesterday.

The tweet sent just a minute before that one? “The Obama-libertarian foreign policy does not make America safe. If ignoring radical Islam made America safe, there would NOT have been a 9/11.”