Matt Lauer is facing horrific allegations this week after a report in Ronan Farrow’s new book, “Catch and Kill”, which will be released on October 15, details an assault that took place in 2014.

The incident that allegedly happened between Lauer and former NBC News employee Brooke Nevils first started in his hotel room during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but it started a pattern of Lauer abusing his power and position.

And Nevils.

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Who is Ronan Farrow, Again?

Ronan Farrow is an American journalist, and yes, his last name sounds familiar for a reason – he is the child of Mia Farrow, the actress, and filmmaker Woody Allen.

Farrow was instrumental in helping The New Yorker blow the lid off of the Harvey Weinstein abuse case, for which they won the 2018 Pulitzer Price for Public Service and put the “#MeToo” movement into motion. He also investigated a coverup by the M.I.T. Media Lap in regards to Jeffrey Epstein that ultimately lead to the resignation of the director, Joi Ito.

You could say that Farrow is sort of an expert, on this sort of thing.

What Happened Between Lauer and Nevils?

In 2014, Nevils and Lauer were both attending the Sochi Olympics for NBC. According to the book, after “a few drinks” they both went to Lauer’s hotel room, where he pushed her against the wall, and then onto the bed.

Nevils was telling Lauer that she wasn’t interested yet again when he “just did it”, and referred to the incident as “excruciatingly painful”.

After returning to New York, the situation continued. According to Nevils, it wasn’t a relationship at all. “It was completely transactional.”

When the Me Too movement took off, Nevils confessed to a fellow NBC anchor what happened between her and Lauer. Meredith Vieira urged Nevils to speak to human resources, saying that the situation was completely unacceptable.

So That Is Why Matt Lauer Was Fired from The Today Show

Ultimately, Matt Lauer ended up losing his job over this situation, as well as reports coming from other women that say he abused his position of power for his own personal, inappropriate gain. NBC said that the anchor was accused of “inappropriate” behavior, and let him go.

Nevils found out later that NBC executives were being sure to express that it was not ‘criminal’ or an ‘assault’ at all, but simply something that reflected poorly on the company.

Elizabeth Wagmeister and Ramini Setoodeh who both broke the Lauer scandal first in 2017 say that Lauer used “his power in these situations”, leveraging his position with NBC and his fame to get what he wanted from women.

Setoodeh is also convinced that, despite NBC claiming they had no knowledge of Lauer’s behavior, several top-level executives knew about Lauer’s habits with women and did nothing to help or stop it.

NBC has released a brief statement after Nevils’ story has come to light, saying that his conduct was “appalling, horrific and reprehensible,” and that is why he “was fired within 24 hours of us first learning of the complaint. Our hearts break again for our colleague.”

Hoda Kotb, who replaced Lauer after he was fired, said on air that “I think you feel like you’ve known someone for 12 years … you know someone, you feel like you know them inside and out and then all of a sudden, a door opens up and it’s a part of them you didn’t know.”

“We don’t know all the facts on all of this, but there are no allegations of an affair, there are allegations of a crime.”