An Anti-Trump campaign has been announced by Planned Parenthood, the health care organization that has come under attack by Republicans this year.

After losing millions of dollars in funding this year due to a change in Title X that caused them to remove themselves from the federal family planning act altogether, the organization is finally firing back. To the tune of $45 million, too.

Saul Loeb AFP Getty via CNBC Planned Parenthood anti Trump campaign feat
Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty via CNBC

What Planned Parenthood Has in Store for Trump

The executive director of the organization, Kelley Robinson, said that “Next November, our very rights and freedoms will be on the ballot,”

Robinson said that trump and “his buddies in Congress” have done everything they possibly can to “strip us of our rights and access to healthcare.”

Planned Parenthood’s super PAC announced that they have worked out a $45 million electoral campaign Wednesday specifically to target Trump’s reelection next year, as well as several other Republicans in key states that are up for reelection.

Planned Parenthood hopes to focus their efforts on states like Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. These locations are “must-win” locations for Trump in order to secure a second term in office.

The three biggest ones they will probably focus their efforts on? Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina – Republicans Senators in these states are fighting hard to keep their seats, and the winner could determine which party controls the Senate next year.

Grass-Roots Type Political Movement

Planned Parenthood isn’t scaling an all-out war on the Republican party in the traditional sense, but looking to create something natural in the community.

The $45 million (and it could end up much more through donations) will focus mostly on a “large-scale” grassroots organization and campaigning.

This will include things like radio ads, canvassing, mail programs, and more.

Robinson pointed out that in 2018 Planned Parenthood spent about $30 million during the elections, built up “some serious grassroots power”, and helped Democrats take control of the US House of Representatives.

Title X Funding Cut for PP

It’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood is reacting this way, after the year that they have had. Recently, the Trump administration made major changes to how Title X funding works, a program set up for family planning.

Planned Parenthood called the change a “gag order”, and argued that it prevented healthcare providers from recommending where a patient could receive abortion services.

Instead of complying with the changes, Planned Parenthood pulled out of the funding altogether. Title X provides about $286 million in funds to healthcare providers that go directly to family planning services like birth control for low-income individuals.