Trump Declared Domestic Enemy to the US by Whistleblower

There are those who believe the whistleblower’s life is in danger, including Daniel Ellsberg, who was made famous for releasing the “Pentagon Papers” during the Vietnam War to The New York Times.

In a recent interview given to MSNBC, Ellsberg stated that Trump, through his tactics of bullying and intimidation, has made himself a domestic enemy to the US.

Trump Domestic Enemy

What did Daniel Ellsberg Say About Trump?

Regarding Trump’s recent controversies with Ukraine, the famous whistleblower stated that government officials have a duty to come forward when they detect wrongdoing. It’s of vital importance ethically, and it’s also compelled by law. He stated that it’s “not too late” for more whistleblowers to come forward.

Ellsberg’s statements turned critical, stating that Trump’s insistence that the whistleblower is “a spy” made him a domestic enemy to the United States. His statements, in Ellsberg’s eyes, constitute an impeachable offense in and of themselves. Ellsberg considers Trump’s rhetoric tantamount to “calling for a physical attack” on the whistleblower.

Was Donald Trump Being Serious?

Trump’s game plan, so far, seems to be built around testing the waters of extreme statements by masking them as “jokes.” For instance, shortly after the Ukraine story broke, he asked, in front of reporters, for China to also investigate political rival, Joe Biden. This would be tantamount to a crime, according to some experts, but Trump is now insisting it was said jokingly.

Many have pointed out that similar discussions are happening with the way Trump is reacting to the whistleblower. Those close to the president have anonymously confided that Trump is bristling at the specter of impeachment, and furious that he has no details about the whistleblower. Normally, Trump would have a personality to lay into, an alliterative nickname to repeat ad infinitum on Twitter, or a physical appearance to mock.

In this case, Trump has none of that. Instead, he has turned to “joking” that the whistleblower is “a spy,” and “joking” behind closed doors that America used to “be smart” about how it handles “spies.”

The whistleblower’s lawyer has been alarmed by these statements, alleging that they are evidence of the president calling for a physical attack on the whistleblower should their identity be leaked.