Nike ‘Jesus’ Shoes Sell Out Immediately After Release

Shoes filled with holy water apparently do have a market. These redesigned Nike Air Max 97s went on the market Tuesday at 11 am and were sold out within minutes.

Featuring holy water in the soles, bible verse on one side, and lettering that stands for a Latin phrase referencing Christ, these shoes are making big news. And not just because they are the most unique collaboration we’ve ever seen.

MSCHF Nike Jesus shoes sell out immediately feat

A single pair costs a staggering $3,000.

The Jesus Shoes Design Details

The shoes were designed and produced by MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based company that would like you to know that right off the bat, they are not officially affiliated with Nike in any way, despite the signature “Swoosh” on the sides.

These trainers are made from 100% frankincense wool, keeping with the biblical theme, and have some very unique touches you won’t find on traditional Nikes.

For one, a crucifix was added to the laces, reminding you that these are Jesus’ shoes. There is also wording on one side, “MT. 14:25”. In the New International Version of the Bible, Matthew 14:25 reads, “Shortly before dawn, Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.” The important wording is he was walking on the lake, not in it.

The back of the shoe has “MSCHF” on one, the brand, and the other has “INRI”, which stands for ‘Iesus Naxarenus Rex Iudaeorum’. That’s Latin, for those of you who didn’t take it – it means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews”.

The Real ‘Kicker’ is the Holy Water

The real selling point of these shoes is the soles, however. Injected into the rubber bottoms is holy water that has been colored slightly so you can see it more clearly as you move the shoes around.

Daniel Greenberg, the head of commerce for MSCHF, said that the company got the holy water from his friend in Israel. The liquid that you find in the bubbles of the shoes came directly from the Jordan River, where Jesus is thought to have been baptized, and was blessed by a priest.

The Best Collaboration… One With God

Greenberg explained during an interview about the shoes that the company wanted to highlight the absurdity of strange collaborations in the fashion world.

He noted that Arizona Tea had teamed up with Adidas more than once. How could any company beat that?

“We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?”

Apparently, this.

According to some reports, there were only about two dozen shoes produced, but they sold out within minutes on MSCHF’s website. Don’t worry if you didn’t get in on these, though. The founder of the brand has hinted at a second run of these holy kicks.

You could even call it a… second coming.