China Builds Real UFO with Shocking Attack Features


A real-life flying saucer has been built by China, and it is going to put to shame all of that alien technology that has been floating around Area 51 for so long.

This incredible prototype could see use as early as next year. And true to its style, it is filled to the brim with impressive tech that makes you question if China made it themselves, or if they borrowed some technology from our extraterrestrial friends.

CNN Chinese helicopter looks like a flying saucer feat

UFO Helicopter Prototype That Will Knock Your Socks Off

China has called this an “armed helicopter”, and is publically referring to the monstrosity as the “Super Great White Shark”, despite the fact that this is clearly a completely black aircraft. But we think it’s probably less of a realistic comparison and more of a metaphor – powerful, stealthy, deadly.

The Super Great White Shark is about 7.6 meters, or 25 feet, long and roughly 3 meters, or 10 feet, high. When you look at the aircraft, it looks like nothing more than a giant circle with a pod in the middle.

That pod can carry two people, but no more. This wouldn’t be a helicopter that would help rescue people – it would be a stealth vehicle, for scouting and destruction.

Super Great White is Deadly

The Super Great White Shark was put on display for the first time last week at the China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin, but a state-tabloid called The Global Times recently published several images of it, including basic schematics. This is where public interest really peaked.

It’s strange design actually makes it kind of perfect for stealth missions. The curved edges and all the coverings will help hide the craft from radar detection, and according to information released about it, once it hits the air it will be able to hit speeds of up to 400 miles per hour and go as high as 20,000 feet in the sky.

Don’t forget that this is an armed helicopter! While it’s unclear on just where they would launch from, the Super Great White Shark will have the ability to carry and fire missiles at targets.

Will the Chinese UFO Helicopter Fly?

Here’s the thing: there’s a reason that this design has never been successfully implemented in this way before. It’s hard, and the US has abandoned more than one project with a similar goal.

Some military experts think that the craft wouldn’t even be able to get off the ground, while others have expressed concerned about the stability at those speeds and heights.

The display at the Helicopter Exposition never left the ground, but China remains hopeful they can get it in use soon. We’ll have to see.

This new tech is coming after a recent announcement that China increased its annual military spending to over 11 trillion yuan, or almost $162.5 billion.