This boxer suffered a traumatic brain injury after a tenth-round knockout while fighting for a championship title.

Patrick Day, 27, was going up against Charles Conwell for his title when he was knocked out in the tenth round. Day was immediately rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, but it wasn’t enough.

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Patrick Day’s Impressive Career

Day had an impressive 17-4-1 record with six knockouts to his name. In 2012, he won the New York Gloves and had made his professional boxing debut in 2013.

In his hometown of Freeport, New York, he was widely known and appreciated. Those who worked with Day at the gym he trained at until his passing said that was a ‘beacon of light’, and widely recognized as one of Long Island’s ‘finest professional fighters for years’, according to his promoter Lou DiBella.

Before going pro, Day was an Olympic team alternate and had won several national titles. In June of this year, just months before passing, he was rated in the top 10 fighters by both the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Council.

Before this fight, Day had just suffered another loss. Previous to that he was on a six-fight win streak, and feeling good.

The Fight That Took Him

Coming off a loss, Day was still strong in the ring. He was going up against Conwell, who is an Olympic athlete and currently unbeaten. Going into the fight, Conwell knew that Day might just be his toughest competition.

During the fight, Conwell was clearly pulling ahead but Day was holding his own. Day went down in both the fourth and the eighth rounds, but it was tenth that took him to the ground for good.

Conwell delivered two devastating right hits, before landing a solid left hook. The ref, Celestino Ruiz, stopped the fight as soon as Day hit the canvas without a count, knowing something went wrong – Day’s hand bounced hard.

Paramedics rushed to the ring, and he was taken out on a stretcher within minutes. According to reports, he suffered a seizure during his ambulance ride to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Despite being rushed into surgery, he was classified as in “extremely critical condition” by Sunday. On Wednesday, surrounded by family, close friends, and his boxing family, the machines that were keeping Day alive were removed.

Conwell is Deeply Sorry

Before his passing. Charles Conwell shared a letter on social media written to Day, expressing his deep sadness and regret for what happened. While this clearly isn’t Conwell’s fault – injury, and even death is a known risk for these sports – the pain he is feeling must be intense. He says that he replayed the fight “over and over” again in his head.

“If I could take it back I would. No one deserves for this to happen.” Conwell shared. “I prayed for you so many times and shedded so many tears because I couldn’t imagine how my family and friends would feel.”