Too Soon? Christmas Ice Cream Already in Stores Thanks to Blue Bell

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell has already released one of their specialty Christmas flavors, despite it being mid-October and the middle of the Halloween season.

Christmas Cookies Ice Cream, one of the brand’s most popular flavors, has been announced to hit store shelves today, October 17, and will last either through the holidays or until they run out of supplies.

Blue Bell Christmas Cookies ice cream already in stores feat
Blue Bell Ice Cream

Why is Blue Bell Releasing Christmas Ice Cream So Soon?

One of the most obnoxious elements of the Christmas season is the way that it doesn’t stick to December. While most Americans enjoy the holiday cheer and seasonal elements of the holiday, it’s a bit jarring to see Christmas-themed goodies on shelves before Halloween candy has even been handed out.

In Blue Bell’s case, however, they’ve got something of a good reason. Their Christmas Cookies Ice Cream flavor is one of their best-sellers and a firm favorite among ice cream fans. Much like the McRib or football, people eagerly await the seasonal return of the flavor each year. This time, Blue Bell is just getting a jump on the season.

Why Should Christmas Stay in December?

While we love Christmas, it’s definitely best that seasonal celebrations stick to their proper seasons. After all, October is a crisp, spooky month dedicated to the celebration of Halloween. You wouldn’t begin decorating your home with spiderwebs and skeletons in August (unless that’s your thing, which is totally cool). So, why would you want Christmas to spill out over two distinct holidays?

Honestly, it’s even okay to let Christmas spill over into the end of November a little. We’d just prefer to see the Thanksgiving holiday go by before Christmas decorations and Christmas songs begin to flood the public. By stretching Christmas over three different months, and washing out two other holidays, the unique and special nature of arguably the biggest celebration of the year becomes cheapened.

As the days get shorter and colder and the warmth of summer becomes a memory, people come together for warmth and company. Our seasonal celebrations are a huge element of this, but jumping the gun on them can make them feel less important and more like commercials for specialized, seasonal products. Why not take it slow and appreciate each holiday and each season in its own time?