Tiffany & Co Releases Diamond Filled Advent Calendar

Ladies, if you need to give someone a gift idea, you might want to share this one! Tiffany & Co, known for their signature diamonds held in Tiffany Blue boxes, have released a holiday advent calendar that’s filled with… you guessed it!


Shutterstock Tiffany and Co releases diamond advent calendar feat

They’re a girl’s best friend – but you’re going to want to sit down when you read the price and all you get inside.

Wait, This Diamond Advent Calendar is How Much?

In my mind, when I think of an advent calendar, I think of tiny little doors that open to fun pictures and little stories leading up to Christmas day. Sometimes perhaps there would be candy behind the doors – oh my!

In recent years, though, Advent Calendars have become very popular. You can find one filled with Legos, or makeup, perfume, luxury bath goods… if you can think of it, there’s a good chance you can get an advent calendar out of it.

Tiffany & Co saw a hole in the diamond advent calendar market and jumped.

This four-foot-tall calendar, shaped to look like the Tiffany flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, costs a cool $112,000. Included are 24 Christmas gifts, ranging in value from $250 to $15,000.

Tiffany and Co diamond advent calendar feat
Tiffany & Co

Won’t Be Able to Buy the Diamond Advent Calendar Just Anywhere

The façade of the building is hand-drawn. Each item is unique and interesting and features some of the finest of the Tiffany & Co line, including some of the brand’s most well-known pieces, like a Return to Tiffany bracelet worth $3,700.

You can’t just buy this diamond advent calendar anywhere.

The company made just 4 of these unique pieces, and only one will apparently be for sale in Harrods, available for purchase on November 9.

What Else is in The Tiffany Diamond Advent Calendar?!

The blue-hued diamond empire released a list of everything available in the advent calendar, in case you want to be jealous of whoever receives it this year.

Included is an Extra Large Smile Pendant in 185 Rose Gold with Diamonds that retails for $7,000, as well as a Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond and Tanzanite Flower Drop Earrings in Platinum, normal retail price $9,000.

The cheapest item in the calendar? 3 ounces of Tiffany & Love perfume, which retails at $135. The most expensive? Tiffany T Two Hinged Bangle in 18k Rose Gold with Pave Diamonds, retailing at $15,000.

So… who are you asking to buy this for you, for Christmas?