Private Trump Chats Published by Anonymous Trump Admin Official

An anonymous Trump admin official is revealing private chats with Trump from inside the White House, giving a “shocking, first-hand account” of the president.

The anonymous person is the same senior Trump administration official who was called “treasonous” by President Donald Trump for writing a New York Times op-ed last year. The official was a frequent participant in meetings with the president, though it is unclear if the person is still a government employee.

private Trump chats released

Anonymous Senior Trump Admin Official Releasing Tell-All Book

But now, the anonymous official has been busy putting together a tell-all book.

They will be recounting private conversations had with Donald Trump in a tell-all book titled A Warning. The book is set to hit shelves on November 19th. On top of those specific conversations, the author also has access to extensive internal notes from inside the White House that will also be revealed.

For obvious reasons, the identity of the author will remain anonymous. Sources familiar with the book said that “elaborate precautions have been taken to protect the author’s identity.” However, the publisher and the author’s literary agents at Javelin have been provided with verification that the author is indeed the same who penned the NY Times op-ed.

An unofficial draft of the press release that was obtained from the publisher describes the book as an “explosive book” that “offers a shocking, first-hand account of President Trump and his record.”

Book Author is Hoping to Encourage Other Officials to Come Forward

‘Anonymous’ is hoping that this book will help encourage other senior administration officials to come forward and share their stories, too.

The book is being released by Twelve, a division of the Hachette Book Group. Twelve’s publisher, Sean Desmond, calls it “an honor and a privilege” to be able to publish the book, saying, “This is serious stuff and this is a serious warning about our President.”

Matt Latimer, cofounder of Javelin Literary Agency which is representing the anonymous author, says that the author wrote the book “as an act of conscience and of duty” rather than “for the purpose of financial enrichment.”

In fact, the author intends to donate a “substantial amount of any royalties” to “organizations that fight for free press that seeks the truth.”