Woman Fakes Pregnancy to Save $40 by Doing This

The lengths this woman went through to save $40 is just staggering. We all have cut corners (or coupons!) in order to save a couple of bucks… but have you ever faked being pregnant just to avoid an extra fee?

Travel writer Rebecca Andrews decided that instead of paying the $40 fee for “excessive” baggage on Jetstar Airlines, she would simply fake being pregnant to carry her extra weight.

Shutterstock woman fakes pregnancy to save 40 dollars feat

It almost worked, too.

Woman Tries to Get Even with Jetstar by Faking Pregnancy

In her explanation and reasoning behind the move, Andrews sounds more than a little bitter about Jetstar’s policy. Jetstar is similar to Spirit or Frontier Airlines in the US, and offers affordable flights… if you’re willing to play by the rules.

When talking about her stunt, she says that Jetstar is always canceling or delaying flights, and they aren’t “flexible” enough with time frames. According to her, even if you’re over by just 1kg or 2.2lbs, they will fine you the $40 extra.

Andrews does not appreciate that.

How She Faked Being Pregnant

Andrews shared a whole video about her fake pregnancy attempt, including her getting dressed and ready to go to the airport.

She wore a leopard-print bodysuit for maximum stretch and slid her laptop down her back for perfect posture. She wrapped other electronics and cords in satin and stuffed the front of her suit with them to create a distinctive bump.

Rebecca Andrews woman fakes pregnancy to save 40 dollars
Rebecca Andrews via News.com.au

She said she was going for the 5-months pregnant look, so she wouldn’t have to change her gait or stature but still add on extras.

She layered her clothes as well, adding a heavy jacket to give her the appearance of being just a little bit heavier.

She Almost Made It Through!

Andrews says she made it through security free and clear, even discussing her pregnancy with another passenger. She focused on keeping her shoulders back and her posture straight, as bending would give it all away.

Just after she had her bag weighed (and passed the requirements!), she made a fatal mistake – she dropped her ticket. The last in line, all eyes were on Andrews.

Staff noticed her laptop bulge immediately as she bent down to pick it back up, and they ended up forcing her to pay for all of her extra weight.

When asked about it later, Andrews said she would absolutely do it again – but better next time, so she wasn’t caught.