“Life-Ruining” ABC Song Remix Causing Internet to Rage

The classic ABC song has been remixed, and people aren’t happy about it. The new version of the song, shared by Noah Garfinkel on Twitter, is normal until it gets to the infamous “LMNOP” section of the melody.

That’s where the rage-inducing part comes in.

Dreamenglish ABC Song

While some children might mishear the song and think there is a letter called “elimino,” the melody in the original song is pretty timeless. By breaking up the melody in that section, it throws most listeners off.

After all, nearly every native English-speaker learned the song with the classic “LMNOP” melody.

What Are People Saying Online about the New ABC Song?

The reaction to the song on Twitter was negative, to put it lightly. Many people opined that the new version was, “trash,” and some wrote that it “made [their] ears bleed.” The consensus was that you shouldn’t mess with a classic, as the classics are legendary for a reason. There was nothing wrong with the original, they insist, regardless of whether some children mishear it.

Of course, the new version has some scattered defenders. Many point out that children often mishear things, and it’s important to clarify for them what the alphabet actually is. After all, nearly every person who learns English as a child learns the alphabet in song form. The song makes it easy to remember, but mislearning it the first few times could be damaging for a young person.

Why is the Reaction to the New ABC Song so Intense?

People tend to have very strong reactions to things they learned when they were young. Look no further than outrage over numerous reboots and retellings of classic stories. For many, one of the earliest songs they learned was the ABC song. As such, that original melody is hard-coded into their psyche.

By altering the tune slightly, it can make people who learned it as children very, very uncomfortable. After all, the ABC song helped them to learn the very basics of the language they speak and read. By undermining that, you’re essentially challenging their entire linguistic worldview.

While some children might benefit from the clearer distinction between the letter L, M, N, and O, we doubt that this new version of the song will be taking off any time soon.