Bartender Wins 50k from Powerball Ticket ‘Tip’

Imagine tipping your bartender with a Powerball ticket, if only for a moment. Let’s assume you’re enough of a cut-up to buy someone a lottery ticket instead of just leaving a tip, for one thing.

After all, odds are pretty good that the ticket is worth less than the paper it’s printed on.

bartender wins 50000 from powerball ticket tip

Now, imagine, to your surprise, that you later hear about a bartender winning $50,000 from a lottery ticket left as a tip. You might be a little shocked, to say the least.

Well, that’s what happened to bartender Taylor Russey, when, as a gag, a regular bought her a Powerball ticket as a tip.

A Winning Lottery Ticket as a Tip?

Taylor Russey, who works at Bleacher’s Bar in Missouri, was bought a lottery ticket by one of her regulars as a good-natured joke. When she came to work the following day, she saw that the bar’s lottery terminal had an alert. The bar had sold a winning ticket.

Russey, enthusiastic about someone’s good fortune, asked around for who had won all that cash and not told anyone. When she suddenly remembered that her regular customer had bought her a lotto ticket, she pulled it out and scanned it.

The numbers boggled her mind. “$50,000,” read the display. Her ticket matched four white balls pulled in the October 19 lottery.

Who Leaves Lottery Tickets as a Tip?

According to Roussey, the regular who left the ticket isn’t a jerk and wasn’t being mean when leaving the ticket as a tip. It’s completely normal for him to buy tickets for a lot of his friends and favorite bartenders, especially when the jackpot starts to get high.

One can picture the scene: rowdy fun at the local bar, everyone talking about what they might do if they ever won the lottery. The regulars are all cutting up, and one of them decides, on a whim, to buy all of his buddies lottery tickets.

Then, as a fun joke, he leaves one as a tip for his favorite bartender. Everyone gets a good laugh, forgets about it, and goes home. Then, the ticket left as a tip becomes a $50,000 winner. Russey, for her part, is probably pretty happy to have some serious cash to play with now.