Kevin Hart’s HILARIOUS “The Rock” Costume Will Leave You in Stitches

This “The Rock” costume that Kevin Hart dressed up as for Halloween this year is going to have you dying of laughter! Do you remember the iconic 90s photo of The Rock with his mock turtleneck and leather fanny pack that is famous on the internet?

Well, Kevin Hart certainly does – and he is rocking this Dwayne Johnson classic.

Okay, It’s Really a Halloween Promotional for Jumanji

Bad news – Hart didn’t independently do this costume. It doesn’t make it less cool, but it is a little disappointing we didn’t get to see a real reaction from him. But it is still hilarious.

In a video that Hart posted on his Instagram, four little kids dressed up as the main characters from the Jumanji movie knock on a door. Johnson answers, fawns over their costumes, and pulls out a giant pumpkin full of king-sized candy bars to pass out.

The door closes, and there is another knock. But it’s not kids again – it’s Hart, dressed just like Johnson’s classic photo.

The details that went into perfect Kevin’s costume is impressive. Down to the silver chain on his wrist and watch, Kevin Hart is dressed just like Johnson was back in the day. And it doesn’t take but a few seconds for Johnson to realize that his longtime friend is mocking him.

Dwayne Johnson’s Reaction to Kevin Hart’s Costume

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Instagram | kevinhart4real

When Johnson opens the door, Hart is standing in the same pose – one leg out, finger looped into the fanny pack – that Johnson is in the photograph. “Trick or treat.” He says with a smile.

“Why are you dressed like that?!” Johnson demands to know.

“Because it’s my costume!” Hart quips. “All you gotta do is go to the costume store and say, ‘Make me look stupid!’”

Johnson mocks Hart for his pose, which is spot on, before refusing the comedian any candy. In the end, Johnson gives Hart a pity candy – a ‘fun-sized’ candy bar that fits the actor’s petite frame.

“It’s bite-sized, tiny, mini, like you.”

“I don’t want that.” Hart protests.

“Put this in your fanny pack.”

Hart mocks Johnson’s Halloween décor, which is honestly kind of on point, before punching an inflatable decoration on his way out.

Fans have gone crazy for the transformation, posting support for the two’s long-time friendship and mock rivalry. “Separated at birth.” One person suggested.

What do you think? Did Hart pull it off?