Man Spits on MAGA Hat, Gets Thrown in Jail

A jail sentence is what this man got in return for smacking a MAGA hat from a man’s head at a bar and spitting on it, before walking out.

The mugshot for the attacker doesn’t make him look very apologetic. In fact, Matthias Ajple looks downright smug when police snap a photo of him.

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Where and How the MAGA Attack Took Place

According to the Indian River Sheriff’s Office, Robert Youngblood, 67,  was at the Hurricane Grill in Vero Beach, Florida, with several friends last Friday night. He was sporting the signature bright red Make America Great Again hat that was popularized during President Trump’s presidential campaign.

When Matthais Ajple, 43, saw the man enjoying his evening with his friends – and his hat – he felt the need to do something about it.

According to reports, Ajple approached the table and shared with Youngblood his thoughts on the hat. “Go back to Russia, you f***ing communist,” He said to the older man, drawing quite a bit of attention to himself.

Ajple took it one step further, which is what prompted Youngblood to get the police involved. He slapped the brim of the hat off of Youngblood’s head, and spit on it, before leaving the bar.

How they Found the MAGA Slapper, and His Reaction

Honestly, Ajple probably could have gotten away with the assault if Youngblood and his friends hadn’t caught his license plate information on his way out of the parking lot. After informing the police of it, they had to pay the man a visit.

After refusing to talk to deputies about the assault, Ajple finally went to the door and discussed it with the authorities. His reasoning? “I was trying to protect you guys because I support law enforcement. Trump supports are communist and racist.”

Released on Bail, but Not Done Yet

In his booking photo, Ajple looks positively smug. It’s clear that if he was supposed to learn a lesson about the assault during this experience, he did not.

indian river county jail matthais ajple assaults maga hat
Indian River County Jail

When asked about the arrest, he said he wasn’t scared of being put into cuffs, but actually a little exciting.

“I don’t even care that I’m going to jail. This is actually exciting, plus I have more time on this earth than he does anyway. He probably feels so good about himself.”

Ajple was released on $500 bail after being booked into Indian River County Jail, but this isn’t the last he’ll hear about this.