Girl Gouges Crocodile’s Eyes to Save Her Friend’s Life

An 11-year-old girl allegedly did what most would deem impossible to save the life of her friend. When 9-year-old Latoya Muwani was in the water yelling for help, being bitten by a crocodile, Rebecca Munkombwe jumped on the animal’s back and gouged his eyes out to release her friend.

Most adults wouldn’t be able to do something like this, let alone a little girl. But according to reports, she didn’t even hesitate – she just went for it.

Shutterstock girl gouges crocodile eyes to save friends life feat

Both girls are fine, and Rebecca is being called a hero.

The Crocodile Attack

Several children from the village of Sinderela in Zimbabwe were swimming in a stream enjoying the weather. Typical children things. As they were leaving the area, the kids heard a scream.

Little Latoya was in the water, about neck-deep, and screamed that something was biting her hand. Most of the children scattered, running in various directions, or were frozen with fear. But not Rebecca.

Rebecca instead ran towards the water. She jumped on the back of the crocodile and pounded against the hard skin with her bare hands, but it didn’t seem to be doing much, so she switched tactics and went for the eyes.

After several attempts, Rebecca was able to press her fingers into the crocodile’s eyes. Only then did the animal let Latoya go, who had been bitten on both her hand and leg by the crocodile in an attempt to pull her under the water.

Rebecca swam with Latoya to the edge of the water, where several other children helped pull them up.

Latoya was treated at a regional hospital with only minor injuries.

Rebecca Says She Acted because She Was the Oldest

When talking about her close encounter with the river monster, Rebecca says that of the seven children swimming, she was the oldest, so she felt that she had to do something to protect Latoya.

Rebecca remarked that she felt lucky that the crocodile did not chase after them, but let the girls go after she injured it.

Latoya’s father, Forture, said of Rebecca’s heroic acts, “How she managed to do that I don’t know but am grateful to God. Latoya is recovering well here… and we expect her to be discharged soon.”

According to authorities, crocodile attacks are getting more and more common in the area as fresh, healthy water sources are harder to come by.