Puppy with a Secret… it isn’t Actually a Puppy

A woman found a puppy in her back garden and quickly took the helpless pup inside to help get him some food and shelter. The animal was whimpering and pitiful, the woman shared on Facebook, so she wanted to take him in and look after him.

The poor little thing had injuries on his back and was all alone, and his story quickly went viral.

ound puppy is actually a dingo

Puppy isn’t Actually a Puppy Though…

When the woman uploaded pictures of the adorable little dog, people online were quick to question what, exactly, the animal was. It was difficult to determine his species from the photos. Some argued he must be some type of dog, while others were certain the animal, now named Wandi, was a fox. The pup’s caretaker took him to an animal hospital for his injuries and to determine what species he was.

At the animal hospital, vets were able to determine both the source of his injuries and Wandi’s species. Firstly, he had likely been attacked by an eagle or some other predator bird. The marks on his back were consistent with the talons of a large hunting raptor. As for his species, that came as more of a surprise: Wandi is a dingo.

How did a Dingo End up Alone in a Backyard?

Dingoes are pack animals and rarely wander far from one another. A pup, especially, is almost never seen far from his pack, as the social relationships of dingoes make them very quick to chase and defend any young in their groups. As such, finding a lone dingo pup whimpering in the bushes is hardly a normal occurrence.

The fine folks over at the Australian Dingo Foundation quickly took Wandi in, happy to have a new set of genetics to add to their breeding pool for their population of captive dingoes. The reserve’s doctors have a few ideas about how Wandi ended up alone. The likely story is that he was carried off by the bird that gave him the injuries on his back and then dropped somewhere else.

Since dingoes are hardly known for being docile, it’s not a far cry to imagine even a pup fighting back tooth and nail against a would-be assailant. Then, after wriggling free, the little pup found his way to a helpful human. Thankfully, the Dingo Foundation will take good care of the animal and see to it that no further harm comes his way!