Seinfeld Actor’s Body Found Eaten By Vultures After Fall From Slope


This beloved actor from the Seinfeld tv series was found dead after falling from a slope, and vultures appear to have partially eaten this actor’s body.  Fans everywhere are now in mourning over this discovery.

What should have been a relaxing hike with his favorite companion, his dog – ended in the worst way possible.

TBS actor's body found eaten by vultures

Vultures Decimate Seinfeld Actor’s Body

Charles Levin was hiking in Grants Pass, Oregon when he fell down a ravine, and his body wasn’t found until July 13. Previously his son Jesse had reported him missing in late June, and no one knew about his whereabouts or what may have happened.

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety says Levin’s body was scavenged by turkey vultures after he fell down a 30-foot slope. It is believed the actor got turned around trying to take a shortcut back to his car. Responders also found his fawn-colored pug Boo Boo’s body in the actor’s abandoned orange Fiat. His car was parked on an empty, almost impassable road.

It’s believed that Levine made several bad choices that day that contributed to his fate. One source says that there is no way someone should have driven up the road on that day given the horrible state of the roadway.

The 70-year-old actor was best known for his appearance in the 1993 episode of Seinfeld called “The Bris.” He played a mohel, a person who performs circumcisions under Jewish law. In the episode, he cuts Jerry Seinfeld’s finger accidentally due to having shaky hands.

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A Sad Ending for a Beloved Actor

Levin played as various television roles on shows like AliceNYPD Blue, and The Golden Girls. He also had roles in the films Annie Hall, Manhattan and This Is Spinal Tap. He appeared on dozens of shows and movies throughout his long-spanning career.

The actor spent his time outside of work hiking and traveling. He was rarely seen without his beloved furry companion Boo Boo. The cause of death has been ruled accidental and there are no reports of foul play. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and fans alike.