Fan Sues Madonna After This Happened at Her Concert


After this happened at a Madonna concert, a fan decided to pursue legal action in a big way. A class-action suit against Madonna and her event promoter, Live Nation, has been started by a fan named Nate Hollander.

In the suit, Hollander is seeking damages from Madonna and Live Nation due to what he perceives as misconduct on their part.

Madonna in a crowd

Why did a Fan Sue Madonna?

Hollander is suing Madonna and Live Nation for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. Hollander’s suit came about when he attempted to get a refund on three tickets he bought to a Madonna show scheduled in December. The tickets, all together, totaled around $1,000. When Hollander purchased the tickets, Madonna’s start time was scheduled for 8:30 PM.

However, the event promoter later changed the time to 10:30 PM, bumping the show back by two hours, without offering refunds to those who had purchased tickets at the earlier time. Hollander explains that this makes it so he can no longer attend, as he has to work the next day and just wants his money back now.

The Class Action Suit against Madonna

In the suit, Hollander explains that he couldn’t exactly sell the tickets. Since the original show was scheduled for 8:30, a prime slot for a concert, the tickets were tremendously expensive. However, now that the show has been rescheduled for 10:30, the tickets have suffered a serious loss of resale value.

“Ticket-holders had to work and go to school the next day, which prevented them from attending a concert that would end at around 1am,” reads the class-action suit. “Hollander attempted, without success, to obtain a refund for the three tickets purchased for the Madonna concert.”

The suit goes on, “All tickets purchased by Hollander and all class members suffered an extreme loss in value, making it impossible for Hollander and all class members to recover the amount paid for said tickets by reselling them.”

Is This Normal for a Madonna Concert?

While tour date cancellations and concert delays are common in the industry, it seems fans have had enough of it. On November 7, for instance, Madonna appeared two hours late to a show in Las Vegas that was supposed to start at 10:30 to a chorus of boos. Now, it seems, her constant tardiness might cost her and her promoter some serious money.