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Today is World Kindness Day, and Pittsburgh’s public broadcasting station, WQED, is asking a small favor from everyone today – wear a cardigan to show your kindness.

WQED is also hosting a Mister Roger’s celebration at their station in downtown Pittsburgh and invites everyone to put on a cardigan and come share a little kindness and happiness with each other.

Mr Rogers from Mr Rogers Neighborhood
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Why is WQED Going Big for World Kindness Day?

If you didn’t know, WQED is the country’s 5th public television station and was the very first to telecast classes to elementary school classrooms back in 1955.

Since its start on April 1, 1954, WQED has also been responsible for some of the best public broadcasting content. They were the flagship station for shows like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Once Upon a Classic, and yes, even Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Pittsburgh has long considered themselves to be the home of Mister Rogers, who was born in Latrobe, PA, part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

The original show was taped in a studio at WQED which is now named “The Fred Rogers Studio”, after Mister Rogers himself.

Fun World Kindness Day Activities in Pittsburgh

If you find yourself in downtown Pittsburgh today and want to get in on the action, toss a cardigan on to celebrate Mister Rogers himself (it doesn’t have to be red!), and make your way to the WQED station.

They aren’t just celebrating one thing or another – it is the 65th anniversary of the Mister Roger’s show (crazy!), so they are pulling out all the stops for this lovely little mini holiday.

From 8 am to 2 pm, you can go to the WQED station, located on Fifth Ave, and you’ll be served warm drinks with a smile. They also have “kindness activities” (whatever that means), and an interactive mixed-media portrait done by artist Wayne Brezinka titled “Mister Rogers: Just The Way You Are”.

Can’t Attend the Kindness Activities? At Least Wear Your Cardigan!

Even if you can’t make it to the station, WQED has a special request – at least wear a cardigan today, and encourage others to do the same.

They also ask that you share your cardigan on social media using the hashtag “#CardiganDay”.

The station’s official Twitter has already retweeted some excellent cardigan posts, as well as touching memorials of Fred Rogers, who shared with his audience only kindness and love.

So today, be extra kind to those around you, and wear your cardigan.