Taco Bell Pureed Soup Available in ‘Friendsgiving’ Party Pack

Taco Bell is offering an interesting slate of foods in their “Friendsgiving” Party Pack promotion. One such item is an unusual recipe the fast-food chain’s blog has suggested fans could make from the rolled chicken tacos found in the party pack.

While the soup isn’t available directly from the restaurant, the rolled chicken tacos that make up the bulk of the soup most definitely are.

Taco Bell Party Pack Pureed Soup
Taco Bell

Pureed Chicken Soup from Taco Bell? What?

If you’re anything like us, you’re likely baffled at the idea of going to Taco Bell, purchasing a Party Pack of ready-to-eat rolled chicken tacos and then taking those home to spend another thirty minutes making them into soup. For some reason, the mental image of this endeavor alone just makes us sad. Why use fast food items as the base for an entrée?

The recipe, shared by Taco Bell’s Executive Chef, Rene Pisciotti, is supposedly able to feed two as an entrée or four as an appetizer. That implies that, should you want to feed four people, you would need two Party Packs of the rolled chicken tacos. We’re dubious as to the efficiency of this recipe.

A Better Way to Use the Taco Bell Friendsgiving Party Pack

Taco Bell’s Party Pack, which is $10.99, includes six rolled chicken tacos and six normal crunchy tacos. You get to choose a dipping sauce, from nacho cheese, guac, or spicy ranch, and then you can be the hero your pals need on Thanksgiving by showing up with a metric boatload of food. This method doesn’t require you to bizarrely puree any tacos, either.

Part of the promotion Taco Bell is rolling out for the Thanksgiving holiday includes a partnership with GrubHub. Starting on November 21, orders over $12 from Taco Bell will have free delivery from GrubHub, making the Party Pack a pretty quick solution to the question of “what should we get to feed all these people?”

Melissa Freibe, senior vice president of brand marketing and consumer insights for Taco Bell, issued a statement on the new product. “The holidays are filled with all types of gatherings, which is why we are excited to give fans a delicious, craveable and shareable solution delivered straight to their door with the Rolled Chicken Tacos Party Pack,” stated Freibe.