Dollar Tree Caught Selling Drugs, FDA Steps In


The FDA has sent a warning letter to the Dollar Tree for selling unsafe over-the-counter drugs.

The Dollar Tree purchased these medications from foreign manufacturers who have been repeat offenders and have been cited multiple violations in their production practices.

 Dollar General storefront

These companies have been on an “import alert” as of last year, yet Dollar Tree still uses them as a supplier.

Unsafe Imported Products Leave Consumers Safety at Risk

Among the drugs that Dollar Tree imports are acne treatment pads and Assured brand drugs. These drugs are produced using unsafe manufacturing practices. The FDA’s letter warns them to stop purchasing and importing from these companies.

The products in question are topical products and, thankfully, not medications that customers ingest. With a lack of standard testing measures, drugs and products coming from these two companies have resulted in illnesses in consumers, as well as not being effective.

In response to the letter, Dollar Tree’s Vice President, Randy Guiler, assures customers that the products they import and sell are rigorously tested and are perfectly safe for consumers.

The company is cooperating with the FDA and plans to meet all the safety requirements in place when it comes to purchasing from a third party manufacturer.

FDA Awaits Response from Dollar Tree’s Vice President

The letter from the FDA comes with a 15-day response in which failure to adhere to safety guidelines and any additional violations will result in legal action. Those actions include seizure and injunction. While the Dollar Tree is assuring their customers that they are being safe, the FDA is awaiting a response to their letter and are ready to jump in if the requirements aren’t met.

The products in question were purchased and imported from Shanghai Weierya Daily Chemicals Factory and Hangzhou Zhongbo Industrial Company LTD. Both of these companies have been cited for various violations. Among those violations of the law, both companies have failed to test raw materials and drug pathogens. As a result, the quality of their products is severely lacking.

While Dollar Tree promises to pull any unsafe products from their shelves and do better in the future, please be aware when shopping there and perhaps avoid buying over-the-counter topical products for the time being.