Burger King Gets Sued for How they Cook Impossible Burgers

The new meatless burgers from Burger King might not be so meatless after all. If you’re just looking to change your diet up or try something new, the Impossible Burgers are a great choice. But a group of vegetarians and vegans are taking issue with how these products are being made.

If you thought your Whopper made from an Impossible Burger patty was completely vegan, we have a hard truth to talk to you about.

Impossible Burgers from Burger King on a tray with fries and a drink
Getty Images via Dailymail

Cross Contamination on the Impossible Burger from Burger King

The class-action lawsuit was filed by Phillip Williams this week and claims that the advertising for the Impossible Burger at this fast-food chain is wildly misleading. Burger King claims that their burger is “completely vegan”, but Williams – and many other vegans – argue that.

The issue? The Impossible Burger is cooked alongside regular beef patties, leading to an extensive amount of cross-contamination. By cooking the burger on the same grill, it’s no longer vegan.

Williams isn’t alone. A simple Google or Twitter search shows numerous other vegetarians and vegans bringing up the same issue, and complaining about the fast-food chain being unable to separate their cooking.

Burger King Never Promised Separate Cooking Facilities

Here’s the thing, though – on the Burger King website, the company readily admits that the Impossible Burger is cooking on a shared grill.  Back in August, Burger King’s US head Chris Finazzo told media that the burger would be cooked on the same broilers as both the regular beef patties and the chicken.

While yes, Burger King does claim the Impossible Burger is vegan, they have never said that their preparation of the food was completely free of any cross-contamination.

And sadly, it makes sense. Burger King is a high volume kind of place, and they aren’t exactly able to cater to everyone’s needs, all the time. According to some vegetarians, if you specifically ask them to cook the burger separately, most can do so. But it’s really a gamble.

The amount Williams and the others are seeking from Burger King in the class-action lawsuit is unknown right now, but we can’t expect they are going to get very much. The chain has been very open with their preparations and practices, so if this is coming as a surprise to you, you probably haven’t been paying attention.