Donkey, Cow and Camel Found Together on Kansas Road

This unlikely, but well-recognized trio was found wandering on the side of a Kansas road this week, bringing holiday spirit all around. If you aren’t ready for the holiday season, you better get ready now – because clearly, the nativity scene is coming to you.

Local police were perplexed at these friends ended up on the same stretch of road, and think perhaps it is a sign of Christmas to come.

a donkey camel and cow walk together on a road
Devon Keither | Goddard Police Department | AP via Inquirer

Famous Farm Friends Traveling to the North Star

The Goddard Police Department shared the photograph of the animals on their Facebook page, asking if anyone knew the owners of “these three friends traveling together (towards a Northern star) just east of Goddard?”

“If we can not locate the owner,” the post continues, “we may be halfway towards a lie nativity scene this Christmas season.”

One cheeky comment asked if there were 3 wise-looking men nearby that could perhaps help identify the owner of these animals, who were all very tame.

“Someone took the nativity scene a little too far this year!”

In a Facebook comment, a generous offer for the Hope in the Valley Equine Rescue and Sanctuary offered Goddard Police help in capturing and housing the animals until their owner was found.

It turns out, the owner was an employee of the nearby Tanganyika Wildlife Park, a local zoo that “continues to be a world leader in breeding rare and endangered species”, according to its website.

The facility is one of the largest family-owned zoos in the country and houses all sorts of animals, from hippos to rhinos, bunnies, guinea pigs, and more.

Animals Straight From The Nativity Scene

These animals clearly came straight from the nativity scene. The Nativity Scene is featured heavily in Christmas celebrations within Christians, and is normally made up of a young couple, a tiny baby, three wise men… and a lot of animals.

The traditional nativity scene includes a donkey or an ox, which is mentioned specifically int eh bible, as well as camels and sometimes even elephants. Popular additions for churches constructing a live nativity scene for the holiday include sheep, as they are docile and easy to access.

The animals, police, and owner are all happy, and the 3 friends are back where they belong – preparing for their busy season, it seems.