Salty Pop-Tarts? Newest Flavors Add an Unexpected Twist


What is Pop-Tarts thinking with their new flavors that will soon hit store shelves? Fans online are torn over these new taste combinations, finding them either disgusting or oddly appealing.

If you’re in the mood for some unusual flavors for your breakfast pastries, Pop-Tarts might just have you covered with these new flavor experiences.

Pop-Tarts piled up on a plate

What are the Strange New Salty Pop-Tart Flavors?

Pop-Tarts will soon be sold in a “pretzel crust” variant instead of their normal pastry-style crust, giving the breakfast snacks an odd, salty touch. Many fans have wondered why this is even a thing, as, clearly, no one asked for this. The combination of pretzel crust and sweet filling sounds a bit odd, to be honest.

“Pop-Tarts is always ingeniously creating new ways to enjoy familiar, loved foods. With the debut of Pop-Tarts Pretzel, we’ve fixed a snacking staple, and added two more delicious options to our line-up of flavors,” says the Pop-Tarts marketing director, Joe Beauprez.

The pretzel crust variant of the snack will be available in two flavors at its launch: chocolate and cinnamon sugar. The new Pop-Tarts will be available starting in January of 2020, offering an unusual way to kick off the new decade.

Online Response about the Salty Pop-Tarts

The online response to the new flavors has been interesting. One user on Facebook encouraged the brand to “keep up the good work,” as he found the new flavors intriguing. Another question the possibility of them introducing a “pretzel and cheese” flavor, to which the brand responded with a curt “lol no.”

The majority of people commenting on the post, humorously enough, were mostly just asking about their favorite old flavors and the likelihood of them returning. “You could also bring back the gingerbread Pop-Tarts, please and thank you!” ran one comment. “When are you going to bring back the original Dutch Apple flavor?” ran another.

“It’s our existing flavor’s time to shine, now,” the brand responded. It turns out, at some point you’ve got to just leave the past in the past and be okay with what you have in front of you. At least, that’s the case for seasonal Pop-Tarts flavors.