Mac and Cheese Turkey is Thanksgiving’s Biggest New Trend

This Thanksgiving, are you looking for a new recipe to really wow your guests? Put down the brussels sprouts and bacon (no one wants to eat that) and stop thinking about how many different ways you can prepare potatoes before you get kicked from the table.

Reynolds Wrap has a brand new recipe for you to bring to the dinner table. It’s a turkey coated in mac and cheese powder, with more boxed mac and cheese for “garnish”.

mac and cheese Thanksgiving turkey
Reynolds Wrap

In some parts of the world, bringing boxed mac and cheese to Thanksgiving will have you leaving seriously injured. But this is taking weird food trends to a whole new level.

The Mac and Cheese Turkey Recipe that Reynold’s Wrap Clearly Wants You to Try

This Aluminum Foil giant has the recipe on their website, which promises to “throw it back to a childhood favorite”. I don’t know about you guys, but this isn’t like any childhood dish I’ve ever had.

The recipe calls for 4 boxes of “your favorite” boxed mac and cheese, though it’s clear from the picture they chose the classic Kraft from the blue box. Velveeta wouldn’t hold up with this recipe, because you’re discarding two boxes of noodles. You really only need two ‘packages’ of powdered cheese, along with two normal boxes.

After removing the giblets and neck, your rinse and pat the turkey dry. Preheat your oven to 375, then generous coat your bird in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Then? Dump the two packages of mac and cheese powder all over the bird, which should weigh between 10-16lbs.

Wrap him up in a foil blanket so he doesn’t burn, and stick him in the oven until the thickest part of the inner thigh reaches 165 degrees.

While resting, prepare the rest of the mac and cheese and use it as a “garnish”. The picture provided by the company shows the turkey laying on a bed of mac and cheese.

Not Their First Try at Weird Holiday Recipes

Reynold’s Wrap tries to keep themselves relevant by providing wildly outlandish recipes for the holidays, and since we’re talking about it… it’s clearly working.

Last year, the company created a wildly complicated Edible Glitter Turkey that called for crazy ingredients like gum-tex tylose powder, liquid pearl food coloring, and more to create a sparkling mess.

The year before the special at the Thanksgiving table was a “Hot Cheese Puffs Turkey” which used a full bag of hot cheese puffs and some flour to fully coat the bird, creating a bizarre spicy and crispy skin on the exterior.

We can’t find any actual proof that someone made any of these turkeys with the real, honest intent of eating them with family at the dinner table. But who knows? If mac and cheese is your favorite thing, and you’re craving some powdered cheese turned turkey sauce, this is probably the recipe for you.