Trump Wants War Criminals to Campaign with Him


The three war criminals that Donald Trump spared from consequence may soon be joining him on the campaign trail. Despite protests from the military, the public, and the media, Trump has leaned into his decisions, which ultimately cost Navy Secretary Richard Spencer his job.

Trump has apparently compared the situation privately to bringing on stage a former Navy SEAL during the 2016 Republican convention. Unfortunately for him, the public sees these two situations very differently.

 Donald Trump speaks at a rally

The Three War Criminals Trump Pardoned

If you haven’t been following this story, we understand – the last few weeks have been political overload with everything going on.

The three men that, according to sources in the White House, Trump would want to join him on the campaign trail are Clint Lorance, Matthew Golsteyn, and Edward Gallagher.

Former Army Lt. Clint Lorance was sentenced in 2013 to 19 years in prison for ordering his soldiers to fire on three unarmed Afghan men riding a motorcycle in 2010. His technical charges were two counts of second-degree murder. With Trump’s pardon, he walked out of prison earlier this month completely free.

Former Green Beret Major Matthew Golsteyn was supposed to face charges next month for his part in the passing of an unarmed Afghan man who he supposedly believed was a Taliban bombmaker. He ended up lighting the remains on fire after the act.

Finally, we have Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who was acquitted this summer for his role in the passing of a wounded teenager fighter for ISIS. He then took a picture with the body and sent the photo in a text with the caption “good story behind this, got him with my hunting knife.”

Two SEALs testified against Gallagher at the trial, saying what they witnessed was brutal, and it was ultimately reported to higher-ups from Gallagher’s own platoon mates. That’s a big deal in the military, so you have to think something was up.

Ultimately, Gallagher was only convicted for taking the photograph and sharing it and got out with time served.

The Resignation of Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer took such an issue with Gallagher’s situation, which allowed him to retire with full SEAL honors, that he resigned immediately after several brutal tweets. In his scathing public resignation letter, he said that Trump no longer upheld the same beliefs.

“Unfortunately it has become apparently tin this respect that I no longer share the same understanding with the Commander in Chief who appointed me, in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline.”

Why Trump Wants These Men with Him on the Campaign Trail

When talking about how “great” it would be if these men could accompany him on the campaign trail, he compared the situation to Navy SEAL and solid-gold hero Marcus Luttrell standing on stage during the 2016 Republican Convention.

Luttrell, a Texas native, refused to follow orders that involved brutally ending the lives of several detained civilians ahead of a Taliban attack. His actions saved innocent lives. These men… maybe not so much.

Trump and his far right-wing followers have long said that these three men in question were simply doing their jobs, and they are martyrs to the major issue of “political correctness”, or PC Culture, within the military.

According to documents that involve the pardons, Trump and his administration have been fighting for their release for months now. In May of this year, he also pardoned former Army lieutenant who was convicted of ending the life of an unarmed, naked man during an unauthorized interrogation.