Canned Christmas Dinner? Introducing the Christmas Tinner!

Would you eat Christmas dinner out of a can? This UK-based company is betting on the fact that you would and is introducing not one, not two, but three different holiday varieties for you to choose from. Called the “Christmas Tinner”, it’s the perfect holiday option for those without plans.

The original flavor (in a stylish purple can) includes breakfast, gravy for your mashed potatoes and turkey, plenty of veggies, and even dessert.

Christmas Tinner layered Christmas dinner in a can

Don’t worry if you can’t, or don’t, eat turkey, either. There is a vegetarian option and a vegan option to choose from. If you’re throwing a dinner party, what better way to provide variety for all your guest’s dietary needs than to serve them a complete, personal-sized meal… out of a can?

Yes, This Can is a Serious Holiday Dinner Solution

Introduced by a company called GAME, this product is their solution for gamers who can’t be bothered to leave their television or consoles alone long enough to have dinner with family or cook for themselves.

The company did studies, too – according to their website, “The creation of the Christmas Tinner came after finding that 43% of gamers in the UK intend to spend the majority of the holidays on their consoles and hate having to take time away from the screen just to eat.”

“Gamers will do anything to stay live in-play,” including eating a full meal from a can, apparently.

What Christmas Dinner in a Can Choices are Available?

The original, tradition Christmas Tinner, in order of layers eaten, includes scrambled eggs and bacon (why? Is this a UK thing we’re not aware of?), two mince pie, turkey and potatoes all smooshed together, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing, roast carrots and parsnips, and a dessert of Christmas pudding.

The vegetarian option is confusingly organized but otherwise sounds good. It includes layers of nut roast, mushroom wellington, sprouts, Toberlone (no word on why dessert is in the middle), roast parsnips, halloumi pigs and tempeh bacon, cauliflower cheese, yule log (still, middle), veggie gravy, gingerbread pancakes, cranberry sauce, and potatoes.

The vegan option includes scrambled tofu and tempeh bacon, vegan cheese, olives, and grapes, vegan mushroom wellington, vegan gravy, vegan bread sauce, vegan pigs in ‘facon’, Brussel sprouts and stuffing or broccoli and stuffing, roasted butternut squash, parsnips, and carrots, spiced red cabbage, custard and chocolate cake.

Would You Eat Christmas Dinner from a Can?

This isn’t the first dinner-in-a-can to exist. For years you have been able to buy a full chicken in a can, which slides out of the package in a grotesque, birth-like fashion. But this might be the first one that actually looks good.

GAME’s site doesn’t have any nutritional content listed, but we assume it’s full of sodium and calories.

The biggest problem with GAME’s offering? Maybe a few years ago it would have been great, a real option. But now with delivery services, most people can get anything from Taco Bell to a five-star meal delivered right to their apartment. In the time it would take you to heat up the can you could just order a real meal to be delivered.

Still, it’s popular enough to be currently sold out on their official site, so it appeals to someone.