Willie Nelson Quits Pot for this Shocking Reason, and Others are Doing the Same


Willie Nelson, along with other celebrities, have stopped smoking pot for what might seem like a surprising reason.

After all, there are few pot enthusiasts with a higher profile than Willie freaking Nelson, so if he’s quitting, you could imagine there’s a good reason.

Willie Nelson performs at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in California

Why is Willie Nelson Quitting Pot?

“I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little more difficult these days and I have to be careful. I don’t smoke anymore—take better care of myself,” he told a local news station in California. He explained that smoking could be difficult for him and would play havoc on his lungs these days.

However, he’s not dropping weed cold turkey. Willie’s still going to be partaking via other delivery methods. These include edibles and vaping, which can both be easier on your lungs than lighting up a joint or firing up the bong. You didn’t think Willie freaking Nelson was about to quit pot altogether, did you?

What Other Celebs Have Quit Smoking Weed?

Of course, the act of smoking is known to have detrimental effects on the lungs. As such, Willie Nelson isn’t the only famous marijuana enthusiast to put down the flame-based ingestion methods. Rumor has it that Snoop Dogg hasn’t smoked the drug since 2018, though he has given no official confirmation either way.

The legendary rapper was confirmed to have stopped smoking in 2002 for about six months before resuming his original intake. Snoop, of all people, serves as the de facto face of recreational marijuana use, so it would be unusual to picture him quitting the activity altogether.

Willie Nelson Keeps the Party Alive

Woody Harrelson, a notorious partier, said in a recent interview that he quit using weed altogether in 2017. However, after two long years of staying off the drug, he got back into it via none other than Willie Nelson. According to a recent interview with Harrelson, in 2019 the two were gambling together and Woody won a big hand in poker.

By way of celebration, he reached over, took Willie’s THC vape pen and took a long rip. Allegedly, Willie looked at Harrelson and told him “Welcome home, son.”