Man Arrested for Throwing Ferrets at Cars, Causing ‘Severe Damage’


An English man has been arrested after being apprehended by the public for causing severe damage to several cars. The man, 25, was throwing a box and two ferrets at several parked vehicles and had caused dents, smashed windows, scratches and other damage to the cars.

An image of a very cute domestic ferret

He Was Using… Ferrets?

Yes, oddly enough, the man was using two ferrets and a box to smash windows and damage cars. The incident occurred Thursday evening around 7:30 at night. By the time the man was discovered, had already caused considerable damage to at least a dozen vehicles.

People in the public actually caught him in the act and detained him, primarily to help the two animals he was abusing. Of course, stopping further property damage was part of their consideration, but people were moved to immediate action when they saw the helpless animals.

The North Yorkshire police arrived shortly after and arrested the man, who lives in Harrogate, and charged him with animal cruelty and destruction of property. They found “at least a dozen vehicles were damaged, including smashed windows, dents, and scratches,” according to a press release.

Police Seek Further Information

The North Yorkshire police are seeking further information about the incident. “This would have been a very disturbing and alarming incident to those who witnessed it, and we are keen to speak to anyone who has information that could assist the investigation,” said a spokesperson.

Anyone in the public with more information is urged to contact the North Yorkshire police department. They can be reached at North Yorkshire Police on 101, option 2, or Crimestoppers at 0800-555-111, reference number 12190221285.

Are the Ferrets Okay?

Don’t worry about the ferrets: they’re both fine. Luckily they survived the incredibly bizarre incident and their abuse at the hands of the arrested man. They’ve both been taken into the custody of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a British organization that cares for abused animals.

Remember to always be kind to your pets. They depend on you for food and comfort, so it’s important that you treat them well and shower them with lots of love!