Female Judge in Kentucky Accused of Bizarre Sexual Misconduct in Courthouse

Family Court Judge Dawn Gentry is currently under investigation by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission for accusations of bizarre misconduct. The charges leveled against her allege that she was allowing preferential treatment to attorneys who performed favors for her.

Even more strangely, she faces charges of using her chambers to have a dalliance with her lover and her secretary.

A female judge poses and smiles with two police officers
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Wait, Judge Gentry Did What?

Yes, you read that last part right. Strangely, judge Dawn Gentry used her official judge chambers to engage in a dalliance with lover Stephen Penrose and one of her staffers, her secretary. According to accusers, Gentry ran her courthouse like a “frat house,” frequently sleeping with staffers and allowing her employees to drink alcohol in the courthouse.

Katherine Schultz, who sat on a panel for abused children with Gentry, alleged in an affidavit that Gentry encouraged her to try to “win” her divorce by posing as someone else and seducing her husband over Snapchat. Following this, Gentry invited Schultz to have a dalliance with her and Penrose.

Who is Stephen Penrose?

Penrose, an unusual link in this story, is a guitarist and pastor who was allegedly Gentry’s lover. According to Gentry’s ex-husband, Brian Gentry, Penrose, and his wife were having an affair even while they were still married. Following their divorce, sources allege that Gentry’s conduct became more unhinged and hedonistic.

According to court filings, Penrose and Gentry are in a band together. The band’s Facebook page has since been pulled down, but the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission took screenshots of the band’s posts that included Gentry before they could be pulled down.

Judge Gentry Faces Serious Charges

Beyond her charges of misconduct, the judge faces charges of corruption. Mike Hummel, another member of the panel for abused children, alleges that Gentry had him ousted when he didn’t donate enough to her reelection campaign fund. Instead, she placed someone who donated “four times as much” to her fund in his former seat.

For her part, Judge Dawn Gentry denies all charges of misconduct but has offered no official statement regarding the charges following this insistence of innocence.