‘Unicorn-Horned’ Rabbit Named Wonky Looks for a New Home


An adorable, if somewhat asymmetrical, bunny rabbit named Wonky is looking for a new home. With his unusual, center-of-head ear that occasionally sticks straight up like a unicorn horn, Wonky makes for an odd sight. He’s certainly one of the most noticeable animals at the RSPCA branch where he lives for now. However, he’s looking for a forever home, just in time for Christmas.

Wonky the Rabbit

What’s Wonky’s Story?

Wonky is a very sweet, affectionate animal according to workers at the center. He loves having his fur stroked, but he’s not a huge fan of being picked up and held. As such, he’d make a great pet for a family with older children who know not to scoop him up, but to just pet him gently instead.

“This lovable boy really deserves a home where he’ll get lots of attention and treats,” says Carol Spindler, who works at the RSPCA center. “He would suit a family with older children and would make a wonderful addition to the home.” According to the workers at the center, he would also benefit the most from having a buddy, so getting a female rabbit would be ideal so the two didn’t get lonely.

Similarities to Narwhal, the Puppy

Many have pointed out that Wonky bears some striking resemblance to Narwhal, the puppy who became a viral sensation due to his unusual tail placement. He has a tail on his forehead, right where a narwhal or unicorn horn would be. Narwhal was also in need of adoption, but his caretakers put a hold on applications for adoption when he became a viral hit.

While Narwhal was rescued from the streets of a town in Missouri, Wonky lives in England, in Milton Keynes. The cute little rabbit needs a good family, so if you live in the area and know someone who needs a pet for some older children, drop by the RSPCA branch in MK!

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Remember, while it’s fun to get new pets for children around the holidays, make sure you’re adopting a friend and not shopping for an accessory. Your pets depend on you for food and comfort, and they’re your precious friends! Make sure you take care of them and give them lots of love, and they’ll return the favor.