What Can we Expect on the Democratic Platform in 2020?


2020 is going to be a huge election year, as Democrats are trying to flip seat in the Senate as well as the presidency.

Bernie Sanders speaks before an auditorium

When it comes to political races, the most critical thing you need to know about a candidate is their party’s platform. What issues are they running on? What promises are they making to their constituents?

So, what are the Democrats’ main policy pursuits? What can we expect to see on their platform during the 2020 election season? Jan Dubauskas, Vice President and Senior Counsel at Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. (HIIQ) has the insight on what we can expect to see in the upcoming election.


Voters are likely to take a marked interest in any policy relating to healthcare. According to a recent survey by HealthPocket, the only thing that voters care more about than healthcare is the economy. Issues like Medicare For All, the Affordable Care Act and medical insurance are all hot button topics. The Republican Party lags far behind national polling when it comes to their healthcare proposals.

Nationally, the Affordable Care Act and Medicare For All both poll very well. In general, voters like the idea of affordable medical care and many even support adopting a single-payer system. This will likely be pivotal in the 2020 campaign. For that HealthPocket survey, check out this link.

Gun Control

Another pivotal issue for Democrats heading into 2020, is, unsurprisingly, gun control. Nearly every week, there is news of another shooting attack in a public place, in a school, or at a military base. Mass shooting fatigue has set in across the country, and many are exhausted over the issue. What can be done to curb the violence?

How Democrats answer that question will likely prove to be a large element of their campaign in 2020. Taking a hardline anti-gun stance could prove decisive, drawing battle lines between the party and the NRA.

Taxing the Ultra-Rich

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have both strongly supported increasing taxes on the ultra-wealthy. Sanders, in particular, is well-known for his fiery condemnation of multi-billion dollar companies that dodge taxes and shirk their responsibilities to workers.

Using that taxation to fund social programs like the popular Medicare For All is a huge element of the platform set forth by Sanders. While these taxes are popular among younger, college-educated voters, how they sit with older, more conservative voters remains to be seen.