As 2019 draws to a close and we enter a new decade, we have to wonder what the future has in store for us. Technology is only going to get better according to Howard Turner, MIT scientist and founder of Kinestral Technologies.


What Will Tech Look Like in 10 Years?

  • Smart windows: In the wake of climate change, windows will “come alive” by tinting and clearing when the sun gets too hot or too bright. This will reduce energy consumption by 20%. Smart-tinting glass lets you enjoy your views 24/7, while blocking solar heat and eliminating glare. Expect it to become mandatory in new construction.
  • Smart walls: Application of this same technology will allow interior windows to transform into walls, and walls into working surfaces. Imagine an interior glass wall that’s clear to let light through to more interior spaces. When it’s tinted, that same wall becomes a writing surface, like a futuristic blackboard. You could also use it for projection!
  • Transparent television: No longer will you have to look at a “black box” when your TV is off. You’ll soon be able to look right through them. You can even transform your TV into a famous piece of art. Many people already have these; it’s only a matter of time before they become widespread.

Will Tech Make Our Lives Better?

Sometimes sunglasses are not enough to block the glare of the sun. What if you could tint your car windows when you’re headed home during sunset?

Your smart windows at home will be able to generate usable energy by absorbing sunlight.

Smart walls will make your home more energy efficient and functional. If our future walls can talk, they’ll probably sound really intelligent.

Like all new technology, some trends will catch on and other fads will die. This all sounds pretty good to us, though–what do you think?

How Will Changing Tech Change Fashion?

  • Smart accessories: Picture eyeglasses that tint and change color when you want them to. (Transition lenses are great, but the sun controls them, not you!)
  • Electrochromic lenses are on the horizon and will allow you to tint your glasses and goggles to just the right color and tint level, exactly when you want them to. This same technology will enable affordable “heads-up” access to information via projection of images from smart eyewear in much the same way today’s fighter pilots do today, using specialized headgear.
  • Clothes that change colors. Electrochromic technology can be applied to more than just glass. In the future, opaque materials and products such as fabrics, walls, and other surfaces will change color upon command.

With all of these exciting advances to look forward to, it’s safe to say this new decade is likely to be a game changer for everyone.