Photos from Epstein’s Cell Released, but Questions Remain


“60 Minutes” has released a number of photos they claim to be from the cell of Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein was found hanging and unresponsive in his prison cell on August 10, 2019, and his death was officially ruled a suicide. Questions linger, however, about the way Epstein died.

A photo from the Epstein Prison Cell showing a bedsheet tied like a noose
60 Minutes

Photos Reveal Details of the Death

The photos “60 Minutes” released include closeups of various parts of Epstein’s cell, as well as the complete disarray of the room within.

One shot shows a bedsheet that has apparently been tied like a noose, though it’s unclear if this is the sheet that was used in Epstein’s death. In the released images, the mess of Epstein’s cell makes it look like someone was thrashing about, and some have argued that there are signs of a struggle.

Interestingly, the images include a shot of an apparent suicide note, allegedly penned by Epstein.

The note, written in hasty, hard-to-read hand, says, “(Redacted) kept me in a locked shower stall for 1 hr. Noel sent me burnt food. Giant bugs crawling over my hands. No fun!!”

The first word of the note is a name, likely the name of another prisoner or guard, that has been redacted.

Did Jeffrey Epstein Kill Himself?

Since his death was announced, the public has questioned whether the billionaire pedophile with dirt on countless other wealthy ne’er-do-wells actually hanged himself in his cell, or if he was killed by someone else in order to silence him.

After all, his court hearings could have revealed bombshell information about other powerful people who enjoyed the same sick habits as him.

This inherent distrust of the “suicide” ruling has led to an online refrain, “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself,” becoming shorthand for a mistrust of authority and a claim that some kind of coverup is happening.

Some have theorized that the guards who failed to check on Epstein the night he died may have even been paid off.

On the other hand, many have pointed out how unpleasant prison would have been for an extremely wealthy person facing charges of sex crimes. It’s not unbelievable that Epstein would have wanted to die rather than face justice.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the public will ever have a satisfying answer in this strange, sad tale.